Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spoiled Little Vegan

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be a spoiled little vegan. My first surprise was a replenishment of my fruit supply (costco size -- wahoo!) ... and MORE! Not only did my mom and her fiancee get me my usual strawberries and blackberries, but they also got me more blueberries (still such a luxury), some fresh mango (I haven't had fresh in a very, very long time) and kiwi (which I don't get often but enjoy so much). I definitely want to take this opportunity to say thank you to them again. I was more than happy. Naturally, I incorporated my new lovlies into my eats quickly.

First, traditional fruit mixes...

Yummy bowl of fruit (all the goods minus the not-ready-yet-kiwi)

Strawberry&&Blueberry Brown-Rice Protein Smoothie

Then came chocolately oatmeal conncoctions (for some reason chocolate oats works better with oatmeal than oatbran so I naturally I had to experiment this weekend)...

with blackberries...

up close and personal

An oatmeal creation I've been working on: mint chocolate (aka Girl Scout Thin Mint) with bloobs

the microwave swirled the golden flax so beautifully, I just couldn't resist

With all this fruit, I noticed I was lacking in the veggies. Can you believe they read my mind again? The following day I woke up early to go to the farmer's market downtown with them. I haven't been to this specific farmer's market since I was very young. Back then, I didn't exactly have quite this much appreciation for my leafy green friends. Since it's winter, the market is a lot smaller but it is still so wonderful. I was in vegan paradise.

Veggie wraps and sammies were in abundance...

Garlic, rosemary, thyme, paprika and Braggs roasted chickpeas (though another day I used roasted cannellini), with steamed asparagus, zucchini, and yellow squash


Roasted chickpeas (roasted as above) with an abundance of spinach and carrots

Homemade seitan&bean bacon, tomato, spinach, and baby cucumbers

...grilled up panini style (so the veggies get all warm -- yumm)

And my kabocha prayers were answered...

roast it realllllllll good

match made in heaven (discovered today)

Well that's about it lovies. I'll leave you with the much over-due sweets part of the "Sweet Treats and Vegan Eats"

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

from The Joy of Vegan Baking (one of my first vegan cook books)

made for my friends at school, with love and almost all vegan ingredients (didn't have enough vegan chocolate chips or earth balance on hand so i used non-vegan choco chips and smart balance (which is almost vegan but has whey))

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Everything here looks absolutely AMAZING. I definitely know how it feels to have a replenished fruit supply. :) Best feeling in the world.
    Also, that veggie wrap looks so tasty :)

  2. hey! all your food looks SO good. loving those cookies especially ;) oh and that panini style sandwich, deliciouuus. have a great day! xoxo soph

  3. your eats look all so good! those blueberry oats...i just told eliza..what u made, and we both where like, YUM, we have to have that!! :D looks so goood!
    and kabocha, equals, my love. :)


  4. omg i've been dreaming up girl scout oats for months! so happy you took the leap of faith... they look DIVINE!

  5. I love all the panini & wrap action :) & oh, the fruit galore!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! It always brightens my day to hear someone say that I inspire their mornings.

  6. Everything looks so good! The fresh fruit, the girl scout oatmeal, the squash with AB (!)...

  7. wow. what a heavenly fruit and veggie loaded post!!

    im salivating...breakfast time!!

  8. I miss my berries! I havent had them in ages because they are so darned expensive. I cant wait to hear more about this thin mint creation of yours ;)