Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today is a different kind of post. If you missed the fruit and veg fest, click here. There is definitely some nom-nom-nom (can you tell I am excited I just learned this blog lingo?) action there, though I may be lacking it today.

Although I know some people do not like to read extremely personal posts, I think it is important to honor loved ones. If you are one of those people, you may skip to the eats below (though I appologize for their lack of creativity, but due to the circumstances, I am doing what I can.)

It pains me to say that my grandfather unfortunately passed away yesterday. He lived with me for almost all of my life while he struggled with Parkinson's.

I will always remember when I was having an absolutely horrible day and he looked deep into my eyes and shyly said, "you look like you need a hug". He then quietly embraced me in one of the famous bear hugs of his. Never had I felt a hug like this, and I never will again.

His presence in my life is surely missed, though he will remain forever in my heart. I loved him dearly and always will. I am thankful to have my family with me at this time and to be here for my grandmother. I have never been fortunate enough to have my immediate family all with me at once but tonight I got my chance. Unfortunately, we were missing one key part...

In my gentile grandfather's honor, I would like to ask you all to tell at least one person today that you love him/her or that he/she means a lot to you and really mean it. I believe that we do not always get the chance to step back and tell those around us how truly special they are in our lives. I know that sometimes it is awkward to say because it is unexpected, but I guarantee it is appreciated.

And because we always shared in the love of food (even though the cookies of my childhood has turned into the love of kabocha and buttercup squash as a teen), here is some of the food I have been enjoying the past few days. I did not take pictures of most of it, unfortunately, because lots of the eats have been typical.

Breakfast has looked a bit like this:

A new-comer...

Strawberry&&Kiwi Oat Bran.
Probably one of the best fruit combos out there.
I promise there's a cup of kiwis under there... they are just shy.

And an oldie-but-goodie...

Strawberry&&Blackberry Oat Bran

Snacks have been simple but tasty...

[en route to yoga] Fuji + Cocoa Mole Larabar (the best lara... you will never want another chocolate bar again after this) + Studying (AP Calc for me next year apparently... woo)

And of course, dinner.

Trying new things...

Dairy-free mac&cheeze (kid's style with veggies, no doubt)

...playing with your food to make a smiley face: absolutely necessary ;)

Farmer's market veggies, here I come!

An Easy Mexican Fiesta for One Hungry Vegan

The Answer for the Girl that Just Could Not Get Enough of Her Favorite Legumes (Read: Chickpea and Summer Veggie Explosion)

Nighty night everyone! I would like to take this opprotunity to thank you for all of your lovely comments. I get really excited and smile every time I get a new one. Thanks for always brightening my day :)!



  1. i'm so sorry about your grandpa girl...he's in a better place now! cherish those times you had with him, and he will always be there with you :)

    ♥ lindsey

  2. Lovely eats as usual :) I'm sorry about your grandfather. May he be at peace wherever he is. ♥

    I haven't tried the cocoa mole flavor but I have it stashed away for a hunger craving :P Have you tried their lemon flavor?