Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fueled by Veggies

Hey there! Have you ever had those days where you wake up and simply know it's going to be a good day? Today was one of those days.

My body felt absolutely amazing all day long and I know it showed. I chatted it up with many fellow students and even engaged in discussions with my teachers. Unfortunately, I had pop quiz in math today. Although that wasn't so hot, nothing could bring me down.

What made today so good? I'm inclined to think that part of it was just meant to be, but the other was due to my eating this past week, and most notably yesterday. How could I not talk about the food that made me feel this great? This is a food blog, afterall.

If any of you have seen Peta2's Libby Awards, you may have noticed that last year's most animal friendly record label was Fuled by Ramen. Sure, Ramen fuels some pretty awesome artists, but I'm sticking with my veggies. Let's just say I overdosed on almond butter (<3)>

In honor of that, here are some highlights of my meals this week. Sticking with my challenge, I've kept processed foods out and said hello to cooking. Home-made meals beat packaged any day.

Breakfast has been the usual, of course. I'm still experimenting with new combinations (and old favorites!) so I haven't taken many pictures. Either way, they've been lovely.

[Copious amounts of fruit not pictured. You can imagine, fruit makes it to my mouth wayy to quickly to be captured by film some days. ]

Yesterday, I made my favorite meal, a veggie and chickpea wrap, but you've seen that before. It looked a little something like this (sorry for the recycled photo but I was so excited I didn't have time to take a picture.)

Naturally, I also made one of the most comforting meals known to man since it's been snowing like crazy here.

Hello, good friend, Brown Rice and Bean's Jumble-Aya...

Meet my new friends, wheat berries. What a lovely substitute for brown rice (personally, I'm not a rice fan)!

Oh, and where would I be without black bean cutlets? I honestly have the chickpea cutlet recipe from V'con committed to memory. It's the perfect base recipe for any kind of beans I have on hand and is versatile because all I have to do is change the spices. Hello, millions of delicious combinations!

Let me just mention how much I love natural lighting. Obviously these were the only photos where I was graced by the sun's beauty (I apologize for the rest where unfortunately I was not). The snow keeps reminding me that it's winter and the lighting follows suit. Oh, how I miss sunlight!

It's no secret that I love lentils. Although you all don't see it on my blog, lentils are a daily affair. I know, I know, I shouldn't get in a food rut. But, you see, they're simply too good. I even had lentils twice in one day. Call me crazy, but I call it delicious.

Lentils in burger form (recipe here, which I cut in 6 to serve just me)... maybe I can pretend they're not lentils then ;)? I don't know what's up with me and the condiments on this one. Honestly, I'm not a condiment person and liked the plain bits better. Oh well, it still looks pretty.

Of course, I saved best for last. I've been experimenting with new raw love recipes. When I saw that we had a bag of lemons in the fridge, I was inspired.

Enter Lemon Bar Loves. My uncle saw this picture and said my love looked like meat. Oh dearie, please tell me otherwise! I was not amused.

I'm still working on the right ratios of wet and dry (a little too wet and sticky this time, but hey, I'm not complaining) but will post the recipe when I work it out. The cinnamon nicely accented the sweetness of somewhat sour lemons without overpowering the flavor. Yum.

Naturally I'm off to do yoga soon. My magnificent feeling is going to make this yoga practice rock more than normal, and that's saying something. Oh, and speaking of yoga, I finally had my formal interview for teacher training this week. Since I'm not yet 16, the instructor has to check with the founder of my yoga studio, who is in town this week for a special bootcamp, to make sure it's alright. Other than that, he thinks I am mentally much more mature than my age so I'm good to go! I can't even explain how excited I am.

Have a lovely day in every way, my friends :)


P.S. Check out these goodies J (my mom's fiancee) brought me today. Walnut&&cocoa powder... I see raw loves, vegan mousse pies, and brownie oatmeal in my future :D. Oh, and a shout out to J for being so inspiring on his road to good health. Keep up the great work, J, and all of you who are truly trying to make a commitment to yourself to do your body good!

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  1. I need to get cracking on making some recipes from Veganomicon! Yours look so good! :)

    oooo, is that Chai tea oats? How do you do that? Do you steep the tea and then add the oats to the tea? Or empty the grass from the tea into the oats/water?

  2. YAY for good days, and yours was full of delicious eats! i'm esp fond of the chickpea cutlet, i've never had one but i know it'd be amazing. i LOVE lentils too! such a fan. and walnuts and cocoa powder, zum! lol your lemon bar thing doens't look like meat, it looks like a heart thrive mixed with a lara bar!

  3. ED&BV is my favorite cookbook! Their super charge me cookies are SO GOOD!

    Wait, Penzeys cinnamon?! Are you from the Philly region, by any chance?!

  4. Your eats just make me feel good by looking at 'em! :) I also love it when the natural sunlight enhances my photos; so rare in my dim apartment!

  5. I love your bowls. :) They are so adorable! Where did you get them?
    That wrap looks so good. I should really start making more wraps...they're relatively easy (there's a panini press in our school's Commons, which I have to think is healthier than microwaving everything) and so TASTY.
    I love how I feel when I'm eating well and I know I'm eating well. When I can eat just one cookie and savor each bite. Lately I've been really reading up on mindful eating :)

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  7. Oh I love VCON they have some tasty recipes in there. I havent made chickpea cutlets yet though! Everytime I cook up chickpeas I almost always eat them or make hummus because I love them so. Sheesh. I should make cutlets this weekend :)