Friday, January 15, 2010

What is This Madness?

a banana smile for good measure :)

Where are the strawberries? Are they hiding today?

Nope! Surprise, surprise! No strawberries this morning. Why? Well, I'm really not sure. I was, in fact, very excited about my blueberries, though. Instead, I used half of a banana and made a smile. I was in a happy mood :). I've had banana issues lately with my stomach so I've been off them. For some reason I wanted some this morning so I decided to chance it. Maybe my body's way of saying it wanted potassium?

As I mentioned in my last post, I just got loads of fruit (thank you, Costco!). At this time of year in cold Michigan, blueberries are the best gift of all. And even better, they were big and juicy, not those wimpy 8-dollar-a-pint ones that I usually see. I savored every bite!

some of my lovely berries... of course i had to try a few last night!

Luckily, I had first hour off today, too. Going to an art-focused school really does have its benefits... especially because breakfast took me twice as long to eat (I added to much water to my oat bran and it expanded to fill the whole bowl. Whoops.)

Today was my last review day before midterms. Honestly, I would have preferred to just study at home all day since I know I would have actually gotten more done. Oh well, I'm not complaining. I got to hang out with my friends and have fun so it was worth it.

After a great yoga class after school, (we had live music! love love love.) I made a yummy salad inspired by Abby. It included a large amount of mixed greens, baked tofu cubes, croutons made from my favorite Ezekiel bread, and a balsamic-glazed portobello mushroom.

Well look-y here! Seems like this girl doesn't fear mushrooms anymore. Veggies are indeed my friend! The balsamic was a little too sweet for me, though. Maybe a little less next time? Any other ideas for ways to cook mushrooms? I really want to play around.

The tofu was supper yummy, too! I've never baked my tofu before but it really gave it a nice texture. Per Abby's instructions, I marinated it in a little low-sodium tamari and braggs liquid aminos then popped it in the oven when I came home for 40 minutes at 350 (flipping every 10 minutes for all sides).

Naturally almond butter and my favorite bowl of cauliflower and broccoli followed. Perfection.

Study is the name of the game for me this weekend. I hope you all have sweet treats and eats in the sometimes depressing winter weather (or at least that's how it is in MI right now...ugh).


*Edit: for even more madness, check out Katie's Vitamix Giveaway. Can you believe this girl? A giveaway this good must be madness! :P


  1. Glad to see I was an inspiration.. doesnt seem like you need it though! That salad look fabulous :)

  2. Good luck with your studies! Beautiful berries. :)

  3. I wish we belonged to Costco! Their produce deals seem incredible.

    A movie in bed might be just what the weatherman ordered :-)

  4. thanks for all the contest entries!
    the blueberries are the best gift of all: yes, I agree, i adore them!
    and mint vs. peppermint...well in extracts, mint usually is more spearminty and peppermint is usually more sharp. But it can be a toss up i think, too :)

  5. Hi!

    Sorry I didn't comment on your previous posts! I thought I added you my google reader but herm...I kindda forget. As usual...

    Those blueberries looks so big and juicy! I'm not as luccky as you, I have those ''wimpy 8-dollar-a-pint ones''...

    Your salad looks so good, I'm way too lazy to make anything that involves baking after a yoga class...especially marinating too!


  6. Ugli fruit! Thanks! :)
    Good luck with is a bummer, I know!

  7. how many cals do u aim for in a day?

  8. Hi Mandiee - thanks for the comment on my blog!!!!!
    Love blueberries - i eat them almost every day in my yogurt messes!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!!!! ps - ill be following your blog from now on!!!!!!!! lol aimee