Friday, January 1, 2010

be good, 2010

goodbye oh nine, helloooo 2010! okay, so "oh nine" had a better ring, but i can still tell this is going to be a great decade.

and decided that i'm going to work on making this year the best that it can possibly be. 2009 was tough, but i also learned a lot through the hard times.
honestly, stress got the best of me and i unfortunately lost some weight because of it (i've always been small so this loss was hard). fortunately for me, i have a loving family and great friends that helped me remove the stress from my life. i'm really thankful for all of their support and for finding a love of yoga and cooking through all of this. actually, i ended up making my life better than it had been because i was determined to live my life.

now i'm absolutely sure that good things can come out of any situation.

anyway, here are my hopes for the new year:
  • keep gaining the weight back in a healthy way. i've been doing so well and have shown that it's possible to do it while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. yes, it's been challenging (for any of you who have tried to gain or lose weight, you know what i mean), but this girl is not giving up. nu-uh!i respect myself and think i should feed my body what makes it feel good.
  • regain my positive attitude. i lost some of my positivity when things got rough, but i shouldn't let me get that down. now i'm not going as far as to say that everything is always perfect, but now i see that there's always a silver lining.
  • embrace my decisions. ever since learning the truth of animal treatment, i have wanted to go vegan. this year i embraced my decision to go lacto-vegetarian (i've been wanting to be veg since i was very little) and i have wanted to become vegan, also. after doing a lot of research to make sure my nutrition as a vegan would be healthy, i think i am finally ready. (not to mention my skin has been breaking out a lot because of the dairy and my stomach just doesn't tolerate it. either way, i've not had much dairy for a while anyway. greek and frozen yogurt was it.)

but now that i've had my little new years rant, on to the food (keep reading, there is a must-try dessert below)-->

this morning i had a yummy breakfast. inspired by Katie, Shelby, and Heather, i made vegan pancakes! i haven't had pancakes in at least a year, maybe more (i'm not even exaggerating. i know, i know, there's no way that's happening again).

holy yum! Blackberry was my flavor of choice (thank you, Costco. oh how i adore bulk produce... <3)>

for lunch i made a simple clean-out-the-fridge stir-fry with seitan and frozen veggies in a garlic and tamari sauce. sadly no picture because i was too excited to eat it. whoops.

and dinner was a classic. chickpea cutlets from veganomicon, of course. now i know every blogger out there has tried them, so naturally i wanted to join the fun. i tried this recipe when i first got v'con, but made so many substitutions and baked them in the oven that they turned out simply ordinary. but when i made them this time (yes, i oddly stuck to the recipe), i used a non-stick pan (i refuse to fry anything) and they were perfect. horrible picture, but perfect. go try them. now.

(doesn't it look like a smiley face? organic ketcup and annie's bbq sauce for dipping.)

and who could forget dessert? my family finished off the last of the vegan chocolate mousse cake i made for new year's eve. all omnis other than my mom, they adored it. i don't mean to brag, but it's probably the best thing i've ever made. i got the recipe out of a cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants. if you ever go to new york city, please go to candle cafe. you'll be soo happy you did.

well nightynight!


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for your lovely comment! Welcome to the Blogging World!

    That cake looks fabulous, I love baking too. Love that cute smiley face ;)

    Oh, and for your header, is it a pic you found on Google or do you have those bowls? Because I have the same kit!!! Ok well only the yellow and the blue because I either broke or lost the others...:s

    Keep the positivism!

  2. Hey Mandie.. great golas for the new year!! AND I love the look of those pancakes.. soo yum! :)

    You asked me about my bamboo steamer.. I actually got it from Macy's dept. store... its a "Typhoon" brand. I love it and use it literally 4 times a week!

    Welcome to blogging and thanks soo much for visiting mine.. ENjoy your night! :)