Thursday, January 14, 2010

PB&J... Minus the PB AND J?!

You heard me right. I made a PB&J without peanut butter OR jelly. Without bread for that matter, too!

How's that possible? Well, my dears, I finally decided to follow the blogging trend of adding nut butters to my oatmeal. I've always been a flax seed kind of a girl, but I decided for a snack I would try this out. Raw almond butter for the PB, of course. Since I'd rather eat the actual fruit rather than jam, I used blackberries for the J.

May I present to you...

AB&B Oats

Straight up oats. No sugar or spices added. For some reason I just wanted to enjoy them au-natural.

PB&J inspired oats were quite appropriate considering they're a lunch-box staple and I've been studying like crazy for my midterms next week. That being said, I've kept my meals pretty simple lately and haven't had a chance to snap a pick before re-fueling.

I took this photo while it was still in the oven... As you see, I couldn't wait...

Eggplant and Zucchini Pizza with Nutritional Yeast

I used a whole wheat pizza dough with oatmeal from here. I cut the recipe in 3 to make one perfect serving and ate the whole thing. It was delicious but the middle of the crust didn't work out so well. Ah, it's still worth another try for such yummy pizza!

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

I'm not a big fan of acorn squash, but it was still good...especially when it's from the farmer's market (everything seems to taste better from there ;) )! I used my squash roasting method (an ode to squash post will be coming soon) and stuffed with Quinoa Chickpea Confetti Casserole from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan (minus the chickpeas and a few others since it was used as a stuffing.) Delish, as always!

There have also been some fruity oats...

Blueberry Oat Bran...

...with strawberries and flax seed, oh my!

I just love how it turns purple! My inner three year old comes out eating this, haha. When I came home from school today my mom and my step-dad surprised me with Costco-sized fruit-boxes so you can bet this girl will be loving her some fruit nonstop!

And finally, my favorite go-to snack: apples. Need I say more?

Cut up and ready for study-time muchies!

Time to study some more then go to yoga! Happy Vegan Thursday and I hope you have a lovely day!


P.S. Here's a sneak-peak of some reviews to come...


  1. That pizza looks amazing Mandie!! YUM.. I need to try making that crust :)

  2. I love Fuji apples, too! Those and Gala are my favorites. Honeycrisp is quite tasty, too. Thanks for the sweet comment. :) You should def. try raw eggplant pizza. The flavors really stand out!

  3. i love pb & j oats! such a great way to start the day :)

  4. Woah, I want to see the review on the jocalat bar, I have it in my bar stash and was wondering how it taste :p!

    The strawberries made the blueberry oatmeal come alive :D Very pretty!

    You're such a great and PATIENT cook. First pancakes (they take me like 30-40min to prepare, and the clean-up after...Oh dear), now you make your OWN pizza dough?? I'm even too impatient to bake a squash...! Zucchini on pizza is genius, by the way.

    I love the title of this post...nut butter are good but nuts are even better in my opinion! Nice crunch :)