Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Need for (Kabocha) Relief

Yesterday was the first day of the second semester. After a much-deserved four-day weekend, I was not exactly in the school mind-set yet.

Lukcily, my world history class made me excited for the weeks to come. We will be studying Haiti and the current events surrounding it. Of course we will study historical context, too. I think this is very important because Haiti's current situation is even more devastating due to their fragile state previously. It makes me think about why we didn't help them before and what other countries might be in need of our help that we're overlooking.

What are your thoughts on propaganda and the US's aid? Where do you think we should be focusing our efforts around the world... or even here at home?

But enough politics. I know you all want to see some foooooood :). Sticking with the theme of relief for Haiti, I found some relief of my own. Since I usually cook for one and hate wasting food, it's been another clean-out-the-fridge extravaganza.

First, may I introduce you to my good friends oatbran and fresh fruit. What a lovely couple! They relieved me of my tiredness and feeling of cold (that's what I get for living in Michigan) by filling my tummy up with warm happiness in a bowl. This paired nicely with my feeling of relief when I woke up early yesterday. To my surprise, I remembered that this semester I have an extra free hour: 1st. That means I get to go to school an hour later. Score!

I also got my grades yesterday. I won't go into it, but let's just say it was definitely a relief. Biology is not as bad as I thought. I give my studies all I've got and truly have pride in my schoolwork. My grades definitely show it :).

When I came home from school, I was tired from getting back into the swing of things and not exactly motivated to do my homework yet. A lovely package came to relieve me of my duties. Thanks, Tasha!

There's just something in recieving mail. It always seems to charm me. Don't get me wrong, I adore getting email, and dance around my room every time I get comments on my blog (I'm not joking, you're words mean very much to me!) but snail mail imparts a certain mystery and tradition behind it. Packages are like little gifts to unwrap and letters are filled with beautiful words.

Lovely Tasha sent me both! I won her wonderful lavender cookies in a giveaway a week ago. These delicate little cookies clearly were made with love. Of course I had to try one! I'm not one for sweets, but when I knew so much care went in to them, I just couldn't resist. I opened the container quickly and shared with my family. My grandmother even tried one and said they tasted like something her mother would have liked. My great grandmother was born in England so you bet these were good if my grandmother thought they would have her seal of approval for tea cookies.

For dinner I wanted some veggies. I take that back. I wanted lots of veggies... but when do I not? I seemed to have followed that trend tonight as well.

Yesterday was a seitan stir-fry with asparagus, green beans, carrots, and the like. I used Elise's recipe for quick seitan and it was super simple. Now I don't have to make it such an event and can have seitan whenever I please. Thanks, Elise! I stir-fried it up with ginger and garlic, my fav! Along with ezekial bread spread with a ginger/garlic spread (meant for stir-fries but I use it on bread instead hehe) and cauliflower&&brocc and I had a wonderful pre-yoga dinner.

Tonight was a revival of white bean hummus. Basically a large snack plate, but oh so satisfying. I'm loving the organic carrots and asparagus, as you can see. This girl always gets her greens and oranges. Taste the rainbow, you know ;). Of course there were more unpictured veggies, and snacks, but they were the usual subjects (*cough cauli&brocc cough*).

Sadly, relief did not come where I wanted it most, in my favorite snack. When I cut open my kabocha tonight (yes, I use a very large knife and mallet... girl power rawrr), I could tell something was up. It wasn't quite as beautifully orange as I'm used to... more like a brownish color. I was disappointed already but didn't give up hope. My never-fail roasting method can fix most disasters.

Unfortunately, it didn't not remedy it completely and I was forced to preform kabocha surgery. That entailed the microwave and lots of water. The result? It actually puffed up like egg whites (not that I would really know, but from what I've seen). It looked funny and I wanted to take a picture but it's hard to see. Oh well.

All was not lost tonight but the only problem is that this strange squash event has occured before (but in reverse since the color was much too light inside and taste could not be fixed). Now I'm asking for some relief.

Where, oh where, will I find relief in some good kabochas.... or at least not pathetic ones like these :( ?

Please help, my taste buds are in need...

Anyway, I wish you all a lovely rest of your week and happy kaboca-ing. Remember, tomorrow is vegan thursday :).

Goodnight, lovebugs.


  1. You are very fortunate that your class is focusing on Haiti. Yes, our country needs to give back to other countries. I think problems could have been prevented a long time ago if that would have happened.

    Cute veggie plates! I love having an array of veggies to dip with. It makes eating so much more enjoyable to have variety.

    You are so lucky to have an extra hour before school starts! Class goes from 8-3pm for me. Guhh.

    Hang in there, don't let a little kabocha make you sad. :)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed them! =)