Monday, January 18, 2010

Oatmeal Only A Foodie Could Love

Hello and welcome to the experimental land which now is my kitchen!

...or shall I say kitchens?

The eats&&treats aren't always pretty or cohesive, but I can testify that it's always yummy and exactly what I want. Who says you can't have a bowl of squash every night as dessert if you want it? Well, maybe my orange hands, but that's another story. But hey, at least I don't pay for self tanner 'cuz I've got myself some natural kabocha lovin'.

Anywho, this girl has been doing a lot of studying lately so the eats, although plentiful, have been pretty standard and not the prettiest. The first thing I thought of when I made my oatmeal a few days ago was the saying "a face only a mother could love." I tried to save it a bit before I took the picture but hey, I don't judge my oats. It was delicious just the way it was :).

I've been studying at my mom's finance's house for the past few days since my house is kind of crazy at the moment. My grandparents live with my mom and I and I love it. My grandfather just got back from being in the hospital and rehab, though, so the house is a bit of commotion with his care. I'm happy to have him back but I just needed a quite place to study, you know? And what better way to inagurate the kitchen I used this weekend then with the fruit (costco-sized, of course) my mom's finance surprised me with! How sweet!

I also made a baked tofu stir-fry. I wanted something easy after yoga, so I simply put some WF frozen veggies in my favorite non-stick pan with garlic and ginger. Later I tossed in the tofu (which was marinated then baked like in my other post) and served it with a pita. Yumm! I was surprised by how filling this was, especially because today I'm feeling like a bottomless pit (which is good, I guess, since I want to up my cals with all the yoga I've been doing lately, but it's still weird.)

Another quick after-yoga meal was spanish quinoa, inspired by Mama Pea and the Blissful Bellas. Quinoa truly is a super grain to me -- super good, that is!

-1/4cup dry quinoa
-2tbs tomato sauce (i prefer no salt added)
-1tsp chile powder (it didn't make it spicy, actually, but instead just added a ncie flavor)
-3/4cup mexican blend veggies (that's what i get for living in michigan. i want summer growing season back!)

I also tried another brand of soy yogurt. I know, I have lots of reviews to catch up on!

Oh, and hopefully my next post will be a little bit about me, too. Yesterday I received a question regarding my calorie intake, so I thought I should address this matter and maybe share little tidbits about myself. I know I love reading about the girls behind the blogs so hopefully it'll make this blog a bit more personable.

Have a lovely day!


P.S. one midterm down, four to go. note to self: i hate biology. kay, gotta remember that one. also, it's a proven fact that larabars make everything better. even biology... well, almost ;).


  1. Quinoa is my fav grain.. hands down!! Everything looks fabulous.. you are quite the cook!! :)

  2. can't wait to see the "about me" post :)

  3. Haha, OMG I love this post! I can 100% relate to your "no need for self-tanner due to squash." Saves us some major $$$$! ;)

    I'm totally digging that fruit bowl and quinoa. Fabulous!!!

    Good luck on those exams! I'm sure we'll BOTH do great. :)