Monday, January 25, 2010

My Inner Toddler

I channeled my inner toddler today since I must have been in a finger-food mood. Not to worry, though, I didn't get started until lunch. Oatmeal without a spoon? Now that's plain silly.

Instead, I started off my day with my favorite oatmeal combination: brownie batter :D. I thought it would be a nice celebration to the end of midterms (yep, I'm still celebrating). I use cocoa powder that isn't dutch-process so I get all the antioxidants. Oh yeahh, I like my chocolate black.

For lunch I had another favorite: V'con's chickpea cutlets. Instead of bread crumbs in the cutlets, I toast the bread ends of my ezekiel. I have this recipe literally committed to memory. Anyone else love the smell of toasting ezekiel?

Since cannellini beans are probably my favorite beans, I knew I had to make the white bean hummus with thyme and basil from ED&BV when I saw it this morning. I used fresh thyme and basil, as it requires, and it looked beautiful. The fresh herbs really made the hummus come alive. This summer I will be growing fresh herbs. I'm super excited!

I served it along with a whole wheat pita (toasted in the oven to make pita chips), green beans, dino kale, and carrots. Of course I had a bowl of spaghetti squash and a bowl of cauliflower and broccoli, too. This girl loves her veggies!

For dessert, I made Katie's agar-agar pudding. I used unsweetened chocolate almond milk and added my own stevia later. Let's just say I made a double batch tonight since I made it last night and it disappeared ;).

Here's a picture of last night's before it "disappeared". I made it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk with extra dark cocoa powder instead so that's why it's so dark.

I was so happy when I saw Katie posted her agar agar pudding as an alternative to silken tofu ones. Although you've probably seen a lot of tofu on my blog lately, I honestly do watch my soy intake. It's mostly because my nutritionalist warned me about too much but since I've been watching Food Inc., I'm starting to question how natural soy really is.

What's your take on soy?

Well, on that note, I'll leave you with my dinner from last night. (Finally!) the last of my tofu on a steamed dino kale salad with asparagus, mushrooms, and ezekiel bread.

Have a lovely day!

P.S. I'm still working on my "About Me" page. If you misted the first part of it, check it out here.


  1. Oh, wow.
    Your lunch looks amazing. That is riiiiight up my alley, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be trying this one out! I love fresh herbs!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left on my blog. It really brightened me up - I love getting such positive words from amazing people, such as yourself.
    I'd really just like to thank you for the support you offer along with your kind words - I've been a follower of yours for a while but my shyness gets in the way of commenting. ;)

    Eleanor x

  2. Fabulous eats once the big ol platter of veggies!

  3. Wow, that photo with the strawberry looks SO GOOD! Ok, they ALL look so good!

    Oh, and thanks for the sweet email. I'll answer your question with a link ;)

  4. Hey Mandiee!! Thanks for the comments on my blog :) I'm not sure if I've said this before but 1) I LOVE those bowls in your header 2) I LOVE you're blurb on the right hand side because it says 'baking'!!!!!

    Oh and I love eating out of shot glasses :) Have a great night/day (whenever you read this hehe)!

  5. i found my way over to your blog bc of the fantastic pic of your pudding that katie posted! YUM i want to make some of my own! and your brownie batter oats sound delicious as well!