Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sweat it Out

I'm sure you've probably heard of "sweating out toxins". Maybe it was in an a cheesy (well that's not very vegan, now is it? haha) infomercial or on posters for saunas and so-called health clubs.

Well my sweat tonight was real. I'm talking yoga, folks. After a long week of midtermes and the numerous hours of being locked up studying, I finally released my tension. I lived in the moment through every inhale and exhale, I even loved every long-holding chair and boat pose (but I always do, hehe). I opened my heart in all of the poses while opening my mind to newfound clarity. Oh yeah, it felt good.

To keep me nice and warm while not at yoga, I sipped on many a cup of tea. It kept me and my papers company during studying.

Luckily, I've been enjoying some comfort food during this week for an equally comforted belly, too. Well I don't know about you, but when I think of comfort food, I think of the South. Maybe it's a Mid-West thing, but don't you think warm cornbread fresh out of the oven sounds good? Yumm. I'm also a tried-and-true broccoli fan. Yes, I admit to eating it every day. Sometimes I'm embarrassed of my vegetable obsession, but that's another post (how many times have I said that now, haha. I feel like Alton Brown).

Naturally, a mix of my idea of comfort came in the form of Broccoli Polenta courtesy of Veganomicon. Again, Abby inspired me to make this. To be honest, I've always looked at this recipe in V'con but it was never on my radar to make. Thanks, Abby! It seems like this girl is becoming my vegan role model. All of her food looks absolutely scrumptious.

I can't believe I've never tried polenta. It was soo good! And the X, O, and heart shaped mold made it even more fun. Apparntly all my random molds for cooking are finally coming in handy. I think I have Valentine's Day's plans now ;).

This was surprisingly filling so I didn't make tofu like I planned. Instead, I was a good little vegan and added lots of nooch to my marinara sauce after I took the picture. Originally I thought nooch was too strong but it's growing on me.

Wonder where the tofu went instead? There it is!

So cornbread is pretty traditional, but tofu? Southern belles are probably cursing me right now seeing them in the same sentence. Sorry, ladies, but hopefully there are some Southern vegans out there ready to back me up on this one. And apparently I'm on a tofu kick. This new baking method is genious.

Here's what I used to make two perfert comfort-sized cornbread pieces (the serving in the picture is half of the recipe. It's generous, just how I like it!)

It's based of Veganomicon's Skillet Cornbread but with Mandiee swaps. Somehow now matter how much I change, the recipes in V'con always come out good. Gotta love Isa and Terry for that!

-1/2c unsweetened original almond milk
-1/2tsp apple cider vinegar
-1/2c cornmeal (I swear by Bob's Red Mill for most of my cooking needs)
-1/2c whole wheat flour (this would probably too dense for most but ww is the only way to go for me)
-1 packet non-bitter stevia (the brand I use isn't very strong)
-1/2tsp baking powder
-1/8tsp salt (I used a little less)
-4tsp unsweetened applesauce

First put your sprayed little cast iron skillet in the oven at 350F to warm up while you get the ingredients ready. Simply combine the almond milk and apple cider vinegar until it curddles (just a few minutes will do).

Meanwhile, put the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the liquid to it and mix until just combined (lumpy is fine, especially if you use ww flour and coarse ground cornmeal, like me).

Put it in the oven at 350F and in about 30-32 minutes (or less if your skillet gets really hot) you have yourself two slices of wonderful comfort food. I've found that if you take it out a little early and cut it in half then put it on your oven rack for a minute or two, the outside gets nice and crusty but not overly so. It's lovely.

Now that I'm done with exams, I think I'll finally have time to do the "about me" post. I just don't know what to write! Also, I'm planning on watching Food Inc. and the new Fame to celebrate.

How do you treat yourself? However you do, I hope you have a lovely day!


P.S. Monica is having a yoga mat giveaway. They are absolutely gorgeous so check them out!


  1. I love those cute shaped cooking molds! They would be great for some raw chocolates. :)

  2. SO glad you tried the polenta.. isnt is fab??? LOVE your little shapes :)

  3. It all looks great. Definitely going to try the polenta molds!

  4. I love how you put your polenta in molds, thats the cutest thing ever :)