Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Back

As my first day back at school began, I couldn't help but still be happy. What could possibly make a girl happy after two weeks of relaxation being interrupted by impending work at times too early for her 12pm sleep-in schedule, you ask? Plain and simple.


After a restless sleep of waking up every time I rolled over, I was greeted by the breakfast I have missed so much over break.

Finally, we were reunited.

Voila! Sugar cookie oat bran with strawberries and flax seed (two of my favorite things. honestly, i think i could eat them every day for the rest of my life and never get bored. healthy fruit + healthy fats + healthy fiber = a whole lot of healthy with a whole lot of yum.)

All together now!

And another honorable mention? My favorite oat bran combination of all: brownie batter. I made this yesterday before my Starbucks hang-out with my best friend. Perfect oats for a perfect day with my friend. I'm not much for sweets but this definitely makes my tummy sing.

I also forgot to show you the lunch I packed yesterday to take along. Usually I like to make my meals because I know my body runs best on it, but sometimes convenient wins out. But no way do I sacrifice taste or goodness! I made a Tofurky sandwich on ezekiel bread, bursting with field greens. I had lots of carrots with almond butter for dipping on the side, and an apple for dessert. I eat my big meal at lunch, by the way, but I'll explain that at another time. Anyway, it was just what I wanted. I'm a big believer in eating what feels right. I want everything I eat to make me happy, and now I've learned to do just that.

Tonight I had Brown Rice and Beans "Jumble-Aya" from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan. Naturally I made a few substitutions. I cut the recipe down by four to make one serving. And it was huge! I had to fill my bowl twice! I also used barley instead of brown rice. I don't know, brown rice just doesn't do anything for me.

I've made this recipe once before and since I had some diced tomatoes left in the fridge, I figured it would be the perfect after-yoga dinner.

I whipped it up last night while taking a shower so that it would be easy for today. Great time-saver plus all the flavors melded together. I would totally recommend making this to anyone who has the book. It's a total go-to recipe for me now.

Well, that's all for today. I'm off to take a shower and get ready for bed (read: get in bed in at least an hour and a half because there's no way I'm sleepy yet!)

Hopefully I'll add a recipe page, soon... if only I could figure out how to do that :/.

Nightynight! xox

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  1. The best thing ever is starting a hectic day with a soothing bowl of morning oats. It sets such a nice tone for the day!