Monday, May 17, 2010

Snobby Jane

What's up chickadees? 

Thank you all for your well wishes with my allergies! Allergies or not, I'm sure we can all agree that feeling under the weather is never fun. Luckily I'm back in my house tonight so I'll see how it goes. 

To bridge the gap between my two stays, I came home to a yummy lunch snack whatever you would call a meal eaten at 4pm. Last week I made a batch of Veganomicon's Snobby Joes to have for the week. I made a few minor changes and cut the recipe in half. My subs included using French (puy) lentils, a yellow pepper instead of green, dijon mustard instead of yellow, and omitting the maple syrup. 

This recipe always makes me wonder why I don't make it more often. It's dang tasty, I'm telling ya! I've never had the meat version (it always grossed me out, not to mention I hated red meat even before becoming vegan), but I'm pretty sure this one would be better anyway. The whole "sloppy" idea isn't my kind of fun so instead I snobbed it up and served mine with millet and a medley of greens. (Like my use of "medley"?) Classy. 

Today I choose to just eat the few leftovers straight up with some green beans and carrots. I wasn't hungry at all during the day. Strange. Knowing the importance of fueling my mind and body (especially for my yoga sesh), I ate anyway. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, though. Seriously, try it for yourself (just click)

Jumping back to this morning, I definitely fueled my brain for success. Three tests and a paper due called for a breakfast I can always count on. Pear oats it was. I love the texture of pears in my oat bran since they make oats so creamy and thick. I also love the fact that this combo works well for even overripe pears so I don't have to throw away food that I temporarily forgot about. Wahoo!

Apparently I'm all over the place today because now I'm about to show you dinner. Oh well, I guess that's how it goes when you've been studying for the lab practical of the dissection of a fetal pig for what seems like all night. Go figure. Luckily I wasn't studying for it before din din or I would have lost my appetite. Blech. I would explain my views on the dissection here, but why ruin your appetite as well? Don't worry, I do have a lot to say (but when don't I?), but I'll just save it for now. 

Anyway, din was delicious. I had my favorite salad with a few subs and even tried my hand at preparing tempeh. Sure, Lightlife did the hard work, but I've never actually used a block of tempeh myself. It was definitely worth it. I think it's safe to say I'm a tempeh covert thanks to these girls. I choose flax tempeh due to my love for flax seed and it was yumm-ay! 

To top it off, I've been enjoying some more pear to end the night on a sweet note. Warmed diced pears with cinnamon in a mug makes me happy. Can you tell I'm overstocked on pears? No complaints, though. I do love me some fruit. Speaking of which, I'm on a strawberry kick, as well. The fact that I went through 1 pound of them singlehandedly on Sunday is only the beginning. Oh boy, I love summer! 


Now that you've heard my precursor to the pig lab, what do you have to say about it? I know it's a requirement in most biology classes, but everyone feels differently about it. Did you have to do a similar lab? Did you enjoy it or want to opt out? I can't wait to hear what you all have to say and share my own feelings.  

Also, are there any foods that you've been downing lately? I can say strawberries are definitely high on my list. Oh, the joys of summer! Just wait until there are more organic farmers at my farmer's market with their locally grown produce... *swoon*!

Have a lovely night! 


  1. Mandie i opted out of the pig lab.. in fact i ran out of the room!!! i could be near it or looks at it. and i ate meat at the time and was not even ecologically aware. it was so wrong to kill something and preserve it in fermeldehyde just to cut it open and study it. especially by students that wouldnt even end up learning much from it. all i could think of was the complete utter waste and deappreciation for life .. i felt like i was in a graveyard of animals killed without a purpose! so sad:(

    btw im swooning with u on the organic local produce..hehe <3 have a great night!

  2. I have yet to make the Snobby Joes..but have wanted to! Yours look great! :)

    Lately, I have been consuming large amounts of strawberries...just berries in general. And, it's awesome that they are always on sale, as are mangoes and avocados at this time of the year!

  3. The snobby joes look delish - i've been eyeing that veganomicon recipe, too! And it's funny you mention Susan to be your tempeh influence - mine too! Girl knows what's up ;) (p.s. if you go to lightlife's website, you can print a coupon to save $1. And it's pretty much unlimited.)
    I've luckily, never had to do a pig lab. Our HS did them, but I changed to a tech center before having to take a biology class. Phew! There I just got to play with cameras rather than...uh...pigs.
    I've been downing sunbutter & pretzel snaps like crazy lately! Which is funny since it's not often blogged about - it's usually a bit before bed! That and cold Kashi cereal with some dried apricots and cinnamon & almond milk :)

  4. I totally bookmarked that recipe! "Sloppy joes" make me think of summer camp haha.

    As for foods I'm diggin' lately, I'm all about the asparagus. Strawberries are winning too. And kiwis. And grapefruit. Basically anything you can buy at Trader Joe's. But I'm really excited for peach season in July.

  5. So glad you liked the tempeh...I'm obsessed with it! I went to a cooking class last night where we made an awesome stir fry with it. Lately I've been all about the MASSIVE salads with lots of TOMATOES, and tons of STRAWBERRIES, of course! Love the summer produce!!

  6. Your snobby joes look deeelish! I've never liked real sloppy joes but I bet I'd love these. And I have been going through Greek yog like CRAZY these days. I put it in everything! Wish it wasn't so expensive!

  7. Ohh is the fetal pig lab for anatomy?? I had to do that one. I actually learned a LOT from that lab... I figured the pigs were already killed for my classmates so why not take the opportunity to learn first hand about how the body works?? But yeah after seeing the muscle on the animal, meat was [and still is] extra unappetizing!

    I love the snobby joe recipe from veganomicon! Def. better than the traditional version :D

  8. Your eats look delicious as usual - i love lentils and especially snobby joes!!!! I have never tried seitan - ill have to give it a try!!!!!
    I too have been consuming way too many strawberries - but they are my Favorite Fruit this time of year - so sweet!!!!! Have a great day -
    xoxo aimee