Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rain, Rain, Come to Stay

Hey there :) 

Today has been one rainy day where I live! I don't know what's up with the weather lately since it was in the 70s a few days ago and it's dropping in the 40s tomorrow. It seems like the weather is a little emotional right now. 

Although rain usually puts a damper on one's mood, I basked it in. Ask for rain in the time of rain, right? I quite enjoy the sound of rain. The only part I don't really like is the wetness. Without that, you can bet I would be dancing in the rain. 

On such a chilly day, I'm happy I haven't given up on oats. All of this week's oats were good, but this morning's were particularly wonderful. J got me plump blackberries and I have been enjoying them all week long. Needless to say, they're almost gone :P. Did I mention I love summer? 

I must admit, I've kind of become immune to cinnamon now since I use it so often and in large quantities. Do you spice your oats in any way? What do you use? I'm definitely open for trying a little sumin'sumin'! 

And what better way to celebrate summer than homemade veggie burgers? For some reason, the thought of summer always evokes grilling outside and enjoying the fresh air. I guess this is my version of wishful thinking: if I make summery food, maybe the weather will follow suit. 

One burger... 

...endless possibilities.

Yes, I do like my veggies with a side of veggies. In my veggie burger was red chard, carrots, spinach, onions, sundried tomatoes, lentils, and other yummy things. All fresh, all read food. 

Speaking of grilling, I used to hate mushrooms. Now I'm happy to report that this will be my first summer enjoying them, especially grilled. For now, I will have to settle for this. In this case, I'll take settling. Served with millet and roasted asparagus (which will be all the better on the grill!), I was one happy camper. 

Not bad, not bad at all. 

Oh, and did I mention hummus was involved? 

Did someone say hummus? (Anyone notice my direct transitions today? Apparently 7th grade English is coming in handy.) I think hummus is back to stay. Whole Foods makes one mean hummus. But really, isn't everything they make amazing? 

Oh, but back to the hummus-y goodies. I had the creamiest, dreamiest, most lovely bowl of favorites for dinner one night with hummus to top. Details will be coming very soon.

Also in my next post will be some pictures from the warmer weather this past week. I was lucky enough to enjoy my lunch while sitting by the lake one day. I even saw some cute baby animals! I was a good little blogger and took pictures, of course ;). And when my wishful cooking turns into real summer weather, my grilling recipes will be posted. Blogger isn't very user friendly for creating new pages but I'll try to figure it out. 

Happy early Mother's Day to you and your Mama's!

Have a lovely day! 



  1. Hi there - great post!!!!!!! I love the veggie burgers - do you think you could post the recipe - i haven't been able to find a good homemade burger recipe and yours look great!!!!!! Looking forward to the warmer weather too - perfect for grilling veggies and eating them with hummus - my favorite!!!
    Have a great weekend - lol aimee

  2. The weather has been kinda wacky here too...just remember that soon it will be summer, where it's predictably WARM every day!! Loving all the hummus action- my entire family is addicted :) Hope you have a great weekend love!!

  3. Yum! Do you have a recipe for your veggie burgers? :)

    I love cinnamon, too...and will pour a load of it on oats or cereal and not think it's too much! haha

  4. Your blackberry oats look so good! We still don't have very nice blackberries around here so I'm left with the other boring fruit - apples.

    Have you tried allspice on your oats? I sometimes use that along with cinnamon. :)

  5. girl rain ALWAYS puts a damper on my mood. i wish i wasent so affected by weather. u made up for it in ur eats tho! those blackberries look awesome! u always know how to dress up ur food! homemade veg burgers!!! OMG! now if only i could buy YOURS in the store. that would be divine <3 love love love! xoxo

  6. Hope you're having a good Mama's day!

    Your veggie burger is LOADED with amazing goodness. You should seriously package and sell those puppers.

    If you ever find your oats flava a little "lacking", may I suggest adding a teeny pinch of salt? Salt is a natural flavor enhancer, especially for sweet things! I honestly notice a huge difference.

    Have a great Monday beautiful girl!

  7. the eats all look delicious :)