Monday, December 13, 2010

Wintery Slip and Slide

Heya, my snow bunnies! Did anyone get a huge downpour of snow last night? We sure did! In fact, there was so much that my school had to be closed today. Here in Michigan it takes quite a bit to close my school (we're tough from the many winters of ice ages, of course) so that tells you just how much we got. Accordingly, I remember wishing for a snow day last night despite my doubts. My exact thoughts were "It would be magical if tomorrow were a snow day." Today was magical indeed!

Maybe it had something to do with the holiday cheer that overtook me yesterday as I baked a batch of vegan gingerbread brownies for my family.

After all, positivity and a good attitude makes all the difference. I was definitely in the holiday spirit when I surprised my mom, who has been extremely busy at work lately, with her favorite treat.

Speaking of my mom, once I received the news from her that my school had called, I decided to go right back to sleep. I set my phone alarm for 12:30pm, giving myself as much or as little time to sleep as I needed. But who am I kidding, my body opted for the "as much as" option. After I awoke fully rested, I prepared a batch of vanilla pumpkin pancakes for a lazy breakfast (or brunch/lunch, considering the time).

A little bowl of my homemade cinnamon vanilla applesauce was perfect for dipping.

It was also great as a filling for pancake burritos. I like having fun and being creative with my food :).

Despite the weather, I still had every intention to go to yoga tonight. To make sure I was properly fueled, I prepared some chili roasted asparagus.

 They were great topped with the snobby joe mixture I made last night!

Don't let this picture fool you; I had this many times over.

Once my stomach was satisfied, I headed out to my yoga studio. Luckily, my uncle was kind enough to brave the weather for me (thanks, Uncle Pasta!). I clearly underestimated the snow, though, because the roads were like a giant slip and slide! We just took our time and used it as a teaching experience; now I know what to do if I am having trouble with my car (my uncle used other people as an example; we were completely safe.)

I am so glad I was able to go to yoga because I had an awesome practice! The time flew by without me even noticing it because when my teacher made a comment about us already flowing for 40 minutes, I simply couldn't believe it. Since the flows were framiliar, I was able to get into my grove. It was definitely "moving meditation." With my body in such a grove, I definitely worked up quite an appetite. Angela's homemade salt and vinegar chips to the rescue!

I don't know what's gotten into me because usually I'm not a fan of white potatoes (well, these were red potatoes, but whatevs) and have never really liked potato chips. However, ever since I saw her post this recipe (the summer?), I knew I had to make it. I finally gave into my craving and I'm oh so happy I did!

I loved dipping the chips into my favorite tomato paste (thinned with water). I must be on a finger food kick!

The broccoli (which I topped with nutritional yeast for some protein) and eggplant fries were amazing as well. I'll admit most of them didn't even make it into the photo because I couldn't stop tasting. Hello, broccoli lovers anonymous!

All in all, today was a relaxing day, even though I spent most of it studying. There is something so magical about the surprise of having a day off.

What do you do on snow days? Or if you live in a warm climate, do you like snow?

Have a lovely day!



  1. I'm glad you were safe and that you have been feeling better!

    Question: how do you roast your eggplant? I have a bag of frozen grilled eggplant and I cannot get myself to like it! Maybe if I try your method I will like it. :)

  2. Vegan gingerbread brownies, those sound amazing!!

  3. Those brownies look awesome! On second though, all your eats look great:) Living where I do I don't think I"ve ever had a snow days, at least not in a long time. But, I love snow! If I had to live with it all the time I might get sick of it but because I only see it occasionally, I love it!