Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Sweet Sixteen

Hello, loves :)

I feel like today is a time for reflection and looking to the future. Or maybe even more important, it is a time to enjoy the present. Today is a very special day in my life, my sixteenth birthday

After getting an email from my advisor saying that she got me out of working my school's open house today for my birthday present, I could not have been happier to sleep in. Finally. 

When I eventually woke up (not too much later since I have lots of homework to do blahh), I was greeted by this. How sweet! 

Since we're getting all of our floors redone, we're staying over at J's house until they're finished. I thought my birthday would go mostly unnoticed, but I was wrong. This is definitely an occasion that makes me okay with that ;). 

Just look how well my family knows me:

[beautiful&heartwarming cards full of love with a new yoga towel.]

[a strawberry edible arrangement with a pineapple "16" and kale leaves. this will be gone within hours, guaranteed.]

Let them eat cake! 

[vegan chocolate cake from the Chicago Diner, no less]

And finally, anyone remember this song? Well, it's my 16th birthday today, but I won't be crying. I can assure you there will be some kabocha, though. Birthday cake kabocha, anyone?

"It's my party birthday and I'll cry eat kabocha if I want to."

[side note: another present I received was 9 kabochas. yes, 9, and yes, I will be going through these very quickly...]

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the mood that comes on when rain is around (it's raining where I live, at least).

 How did you celebrate your 16th birthday? What's the best gift you ever received? 

I plan on celebrating with a relaxing yoga class, kabocha (naturally!), and a glass of tea. Perfect. I see lots of strawberries and kale chips in my future, as well. 


P.S. This girlie has a birthday giveaway going on here. Happy early birthday! It's her birthday tomorrow (April 26) so make sure to wish her a happy one. 


  1. HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope today is filled with happiness, friends and family and lots of good eats!!!! I think its great you will do some yoga today - what a great way to celebrate!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!! xo aimee

  2. Happy sweet 16! Love that edible arrangement! Enjoy the day girl!

  3. Oh my gosh, I had no idea you were only 16!! (you probably hate to hear that, haha) I mean it in the most positive of ways though. Seriously - I wish I was as knowledgeable, insightful, intelligent, mature, inspiring and kind-hearted as you at 16. Kudos!!
    Also - LOVE that your fam got you a pineapple, strawberry, and kale sweet sixteen arrangement dealio. And kabocha. That is too cool! I love that they support you like that - reminds me of my mom getting me cookbooks and bars for easter rather than candy :P
    Oh gosh, and I haven't even said Happy Birthday, yet!! So - Happy Birthday!! I hoipe you have a GREAT rest of the day. Enjoy the kabocha!!!

  4. 16 was momentous for me.. i celebrated with my closest friends but i felt like such a young woman that day.. i knew i was growing up! HAPPY SWEET 16 i wish you nothing but the best- live it up and laugh like crazy.

    its UR day and ur a princess :) xoxo

  5. Haha 9 kabocha!!! Love it!

    I spent my sweet 16 studying science: exam week. Can we trade? xD


  6. Happy sweet 16!!! Your b-day table arrangement looks very cute :) Whit and I celebrated our 16th twice lol. First was an 80s party with a few of our closest friends and we made videos and were crazy all night and the second was up in Breckenridge snowboarding with our family. Wow how time flies, now we are almost 18!

  7. happy birthday girl :) enjoy it!! 16 is such a fun year!

  8. i guess hemp butter kinda tastes green. i find it really creamy tasting and mild. it isnt pungeant at all. hemp butter tastes to me like a mix of cashew butter and almonds. but every brand is different. manitoba harvest's tastes more like pumpkin seeds. the one on my post has more of a white rice taste. so hard to explain hehe. but i think ud like it. it truly tastes like hemp hearts/seeds <3

    oh and to ur other comment about eating before yoga.. yes i usually eat pineapple because it digests quickly and has a high water content. if yoga is in the morning i'll have a banana or a protein bar. i make sure to eat at least 1 hour before just so i dont get an upset stomach. depends on the yoga too.. i like bikram or hot yoga so i think its necessary to have something so u dont get dizzy. but dry yoga i guess just a small piece of fruit. fruit in general is the best for movement exercises. hope that helps! xo

  9. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOVE!! You definitely got some wonderful gifts, your family was so thoughtful to get you SQUASH, FRUIT and a VEGAN cake!! How perfect :) Hope you enjoyed your special day and that you're enjoying your kombucha!!

  10. You are my birthday twin. Aren't April babies the best? I hope you have a wonderful birthday and look forward to many more!

  11. Happy birthday! Looks like you got some great things... I got an edible arrangement for my 22nd!

    I actually... don't remember how I spent my 16th birthday. Isn't that awful?!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like some cool things and a yummy cake! :)

  13. Happy belated sixteenth birthday girl!

    for my sixteenth i had a huge hotel party sleepover with all of my best friends, it was a blast! :)