Friday, April 16, 2010

From Nips to Noshes

Hiya lovebugs!
Less than a week and I'm back already?Well, there are going to be some changes to ST&VE (skip to the end if you're curious/don't feel like reading my rambles haha). What is this madness? Good food, I tell you, good food. 
Last week I experienced a less than kind comment about veganism. Sure, it probably wasn't meant to offend me, but it still did. I'm happy that most of my friends understand (and even embrace!) my decision, but I can understand that there is some confusion for others. 
Have you ever had to deal with an offhand or offensive comment about your lifestyle? How did you respond?
Instead of griping about something that nipped at me, I just smiled and giggled, taking another bite out of my packed lunch. Although I'm all for defending my decisions, you have to know when to pick your battles. Eating lunch with many of my friends, who had meat on their plates, was not exactly the most opportune time. 
So anyway, I used this statement to empower me. Over the weekend I brushed up one of my favorite vegan books, The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, and got ready for a week of rockin' meals (my next post will include one of the recipes I made from this book). Instead of eating the food that we are provided free-of-charge (well, included in my tuition, that is, but you know how that goes) at school, I bring my lunch. Needless to say, there are zilch vegan options, minus a few measly scraps of lettuce that I'm still convinced I can actually taste the pesticides on. 
Again, I digress. I'm thankful to have food provided by my school none the less, as I recognize that many people in the world go hungry every day. In that spirit, along with the inspiration of my farmer's market venture and desire to show my questioning friend what delicious, kind food can be, I got started on a week of good eats. 
Do your friends or family ever question your food choices? What do you do in normal situations like eating out at a restaurant without any choices you would like, or being unceasingly question about your journey for healthy living?
One of my friends, bless her heart, makes me feel a little more normal with my oatmeal obsession. On the topic of food (because being teenagers, this comes up more often than one might expect,) she will usually comment on her similar love for the fluffy stuff. Thanks to her, my other friends are a little more curious when I recount some of my new concoctions. 
So what did my oatmeal look like this week? More often than not, my delicious creation makes it way to my belly before I even get a chance to snap a picture. Apparently my belly's a bit of a hog in respect to the camera. But anyway, here's a hint: 

But this vegan doesn't survive on oats alone... though I could if I were, say, trapped on a dessert island. What food would you pick to bring along? I'll give you three choices, my friends. 
Now I don't claim to be the veggie queen (possible career choice? A girl's gotta dream!), but I definitely showed 'em where the veg in vegan came from. 
My taco was so simply composed but yet so flavorful. If veggies could talk, these would be sassy, no doubt. 


(I spy with my little eye, a new color showing off on my nails. Never fear, my devoted readers, you will no longer have to suffer through seeing dry hands and chipped nails. It's summer time, for sure.) 
If you've never tried a hummus and grilled veggie panini, you're missing out. No, seriously. Next to my favorite wrap, this is the best veggie vehicle. I constantly find myself mmmm-ing out loud.
Step One: Prep&&Grill Veggies (including a new find: white eggplant!)

A tad sweeter than its relative, this little white baby wasn't too discernible, other than it's pretty factor


Step Two: Slather Your Bread of Choice with Hummus (Ezekiel Bran&TJ's Quartet are the way to go)

Step Three: Panini Your Sandwich (or place a pan on top of your sandwich in another pan on the stove) Until You Can't Wait Any Longer and Dig In 

So there are definitely some possibilities with veggie vehicles. But what about straight up? I'm am very glad you asked. 

Salad with a side of more veggies anyone? 

Or what about a lovely array of purple, green, and white cauliflower with broccoli? In my opinion, it tastes sweet like sugahh. Yum!

And as for the sweet treats (if you don't count the lovlies above, of course), I've enjoyed a few pieces of Sunspire grain-sweetened chocolate chips that I just picked up from Whole Foods. I'm all into bulk-bin buying, so you can imagine I was thrilled to see these babies as a new addition. Vegan AND grain-sweetened? I'm not embarassed to admit the fact that there might have been some jumps for joy involved.

[I'm still not big into conventional sweets all the time, but I was intrigued by the fact that they were grain-sweetened. If you see them around, I would definitely recommend trying them. I enjoyed them quite a bit, especially because they didn't leave me with more sweet cravings, as most sweets are notorious for doing.] 

I also enjoyed a Hazelnut Jocalat (my last, oh no!) I love Larabars and Jocalats to no end. End of story. Oh, but I should mention how devine these are warmed up. I'm tellin' ya, it's better than creamy fudge. 

Other than chocolate, I veganized a Pinkberry fro-yo by putting 1/2 cup Wildwood Probiotic Soyogurt in the freezer than letting it lightly thaw,  and mixing with 1/4 packet stevia, and topped with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and copious amounts of cinnamon (added after the photoshoot).

A sweet treat as a sweet ending is only appropriate, of course. Hopefully this will be my last monster post for a while as I realize that you all are absolute saints if you make it through all of this. May I just say thank you, my dears, thank you. 

I'll do my best to post every few days so that they aren't so overwhelming. 
What do you all think of that? Would you prefer more day-by-day eats instead of monster posts? Is there anything you would specifically like me to post about? All suggestions are welcome!  

Speaking of my next post, the Michigan VegFest is this Sunday! I am so pumped! I will definitely take some photos and recap it for you in the next post. John Salley (basketball player) and Rory Freedman (co-author of Skinny Bitch) will be headlining so it should be a good first one for me. 

Have you ever been to a veg fest in your area? Have you read any of the Skinny Bitch books? 

I've heard of them and wanted to pick them up, but they're quite controversial. Either way, my mom said I can get one this weekend (big breakthrough since the title includes a swear word--wahoo!).

Have a lovely day! 



  1. Hey there - wonderful post with so many yummy eats!!!! Eggplant grilled is my favorite - i eat grilled veggies with hummus on a pita at least once a week - its my favorite!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!! xo aim

  2. ohh, girl, I can SO relate. Sometimes I get SO frustrated and upset over a comment about my health/food choices - and other times I am proud,poke fun of myself in a fun way, poke fun back at them, or go on some geeky explanation of what kombucha or tempeh is :P Depends on my mood, I guess. Sometimes I get so frustrated though, that I hate eating in front of people at work just because I don't feel like dealing with having to defend myself. Lately I've had to field SO many questions. "What's that? what's that? what's that?" over and over. I mean - I enjoy educating others on health foods, but...Just let me eat!! haha.
    My mom has gotten really into what I eat lately, though - and love "sharing" with her. There's a difference between condescending questions, and those asked out of pure interest, curiosity, and willingness to learn and better themselves, you know?
    Whew - sorry for that rant!!
    Anyways - LOVE this post! All of your eats look so amazing. Can't get enough of those grilled veggies. And I've never even heard of a white eggplant - let alone seen one. That's crazy!! And I would love day-by-day eats from you. They look wonderful!!

  3. Day by day eats is better than monster posts to me! Sometimes the monster posts are overwhelming.

    I hate that people have to justify their HEALTHY food choices to people. No one has to justify themselves for eating fattening, trans-fat laden, artificial foods, and fast foods, but if you're eating a diet of fruits, veggies, and whole grains you have to. Seems kind of backwards, right?!

    Love the panini though! That looks so good! And the purple cauli! I've never seen that before!


  4. I am not vegeterian or vegan, but have 'weird' food choice according to my friends and family. Mainly because I like to try new things and I'm asian.

    I loved this post, I don't why, maybe because it matched all my tastebuds:
    - Veggie Panini with hummus sounds delish...
    - The Taco wrap is definately something I would like to try. Is it read pepper + black bean + garlic + carrot + salsa?

    Do your posts as you would prefer. I know everybody hates this answer, but that's what worked for me. I don't have time to make daily posts, so I just do a monster post for the week and that's it. If you have time, then blog daily :p


  5. holy moly i dont even know where to begin..

    "Salad with a side of more veggies anyone? "
    YES love it!

    Bulk bins. I have posted on the hazards. I dont wanna link drop on you but I did a big post about a month ago on them.

    As for rude comments...story of my life. High raw, vegan, GF, soy light, processed foods light,no onions/garlic/sodium. Trust me, have heard it all. I just smile, nod, and go on my way. I have also posted about not trying to "save the world" or "change minds" anymore. Conserving my energy and my sanity is important :)