Friday, August 13, 2010

Winding Down or Up

Heya Everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing some photos from my cottage in Canada in my last post. I just got back a few days ago and have been super busy ever since! Why? Well, I am off to New York for a yoga intensive camp in just a few hours. While I am not necessarily looking forward to the 11+ hour car ride, I know it will be an absolutely amazing experience. The bonus is that I will be taking a quick to NYC right before and after the camp. You can bet I already scoped out the vegan scene; I will definitely do a few posts about it when I get back. I also have a few recipes that I am excited to share with you all when my new blog launches. Get ready for some fun; summer may be winding down but I am certainly not!

What are your plans as the summer winds down?

Have a lovely day! 


  1. new york yoga intensive camp! do u wanna trade places for a bit lol? no u wouldnt wanna, would mean u gotta go back to canada for a bit haha.

    i know u'll have an amazing time! hope its the best!! <3

    i wanna explore more shops and cafe in my town so i guess thats my rest-of-summer-plan. its not too exciting but i'll try to make the best of it lol

    have fun love!!

  2. I'm excited, Mandie! Are you switching over to or did you get your own host at I've been thinking a lot about that, but the time is what evades me! lol.