Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cottage Time

Cottage time


1. the reward for extremely busy lives
2. the state of being in which time simply does not exist
3. the reason that dinner is eaten at the usual bedtime, (vegan) s'mores are craved, and produce that is grown just miles away is enjoyed in abundance


When in cottage time, eating breakfast for lunch is the perfect way to start the day. Good old Scottish oatmeal is encouraged.

...Especially with lots of fresh fruit...

...or maybe even a dollup of coconut milk yogurt.

Since lunch is a silly term (as discussed above), the usual midday feasting occurs in stages during the cottage time day. The grazing that usually escapes that camera even doubles as an educational lesson.

"What's that?"

What kind of a cousin would I be if I did not educate this sweetie on veggies?

Future veggie-lover? I am definitely working on it.  For now, at least we can both enjoy oranges (clementine for me, mandarin for her), and she agrees to embrace the greens by saying "peas" for the camera. And yes, I might have had something to do with that...

Even for a breakfast lover like me, dinner is clearly the most important meal of the day for cottage time.

Sure, it may occur while the sun is slowly setting...

vegan sloppy "snobby" joes

...or even after, forcing you to take a cozy photo inside.

grilled portobello mushroom and sweet onion quinoa

Either way, it is the loving company that matters. With cottage time, all time is family time. Period.


  1. Aww what an adorable little cousin you have! Enjoy the time with your family!!

  2. Oh wow, the place your cottage is in looks absolutely beautiful. And your cousin is too cute :) Never too young to start with the veggies, although to be fair, I hated veggies until I was well into my 20's, so even if she doesn't like them now, she may love them later :)

    Have a great time with your family.

  3. You, my dear, have served as a great inspiration for me.
    One day, I hope to be able to live on 'Cottage Time', by snacking all day and eating vegetables galore.
    One day, I hope to be able to embrace flexibility around and with food, and learn to love and live... In Cottage Time, of course!

    Your little cousin is a very lucky cousin indeed, to have you as her cousin!

  4. I love your photos! You make the food look so good.

  5. what a super cute little baby! have a great week hon!

  6. you werent kidding when u said uve been on an oat kick recently!!! girl have you ever <3 LOVE IT hehe

    haha VEGGIE LOVER IN THE MAKING.. one day that plate will be empty <3

    oh and i got the shoes online from Free People Clothing :)


  7. Enjoy your cottage time girl! It's most def. possible to convert your cute little cousin to a veggie-lover :)

  8. It's so nice to spend quality time with family at the cottage. I'm glad you had a good time! :) Your little cousin is so adorable!