Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FALLing In

Hi there, sugar pies! (I feel pumpkin season coming on ;) )

I first just want to say thanks to any of you that are still out there reading. Hopefully you are all fearing well with this chilly weather we are having!

After hours of sitting in cold classrooms (oh when will they turn the heat on?) just to be greeted by the fact that I must walk outside to go to the next one, I have been in need some warmth. Sure, I layer my clothes liberally, but walking around like the abominable snowman does not always do the trick.

Sometimes the only remedy is warming from the inside out. That, my friends, is when I turn to soup.

...Smokey Split Green Pea and Sweet Potato Soup, specifically.

I honestly was not in love with it on the first day. It tasted great, but it was just missing something. I let the flavors meld for a day and BAM, head over heels. I finished off the last of the soup today, leaving me wanting more. I most definitely considered making another pot.

Are you a soup lover? I hated it as a kid (drink my dinner? puh-lease!), but now I see the light. Since I do not want to burn out on one kind of soup so early in the season, I am on the lookout for some great recipes or suggestions. Do you have any ideas? What is your favorite kind of soup? 

Clearly soup is not the only evidence of my transition to fall. I have been absolutely crazy for squash lately. Seriously, I tried to not have any one day to lessen my chances of turning orange(homecoming is in a week after all), but I simply could not do it. Some people crave sweets, I crave squash. Story of my life.

To accompany my roasted buttercup squash, I made Curried Chickpeas and Parsnips. Oh my, the flavors worked so well together! Both dishes were savory while still retaining their natural sweetness. There will definitely be a repeat of this combo (and a recipe for you) in the future.

I think I am falling in love with Fall. Okay, maybe not the weather, but the food almost makes the cold bearable :). Not to mention there is nothing like the beauty of the leaves changing colors.

What is your favorite fall food? Winter squash hands down for me! But who am I kidding, kabocha is my favorite food period. 

Well I am off for now! Yoga awaits :).

Stay warm and fall into the wonders of Fall...



  1. That soup sounds amazing actually!! And my favorite fall food is definitely roasted acorn squash. Soo yummy!

  2. Love the fall!!!!!! Some of my favorite soups - tomato, minestrone, or butternut squash!!!
    My favorite fall foods - that's tough - i love squash, sweet potatoes, late fall tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini - list is endless!!!!
    Glad to see you are blogging again!!!

  3. I love love love fall...even the weather and it was quite nice in MI today! As a newbie soup lover, I love split pea, tomato, miso, etc. I will try to post some!

    Favorite fall food...yeah delicious.

  4. I'm not usually a soup person, but that soup sounds delicious! I also love my mom's minnestrone soup. It has tons of beans and veggies, so it's really hearty and filling.

    I've been gobbling up squash lately too. I've never tried buttercup squash though. It looks like it maybe tastes like kabocha/acorn squash?? I'll have to try it out!