Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls' Day

I'm so glad to see you all enjoyed the banana split brownie recipe! I thought this recipe turned out so well that I even gave it to my yoga teacher. She's going to make it for a party she's going to and joked she would send me a picture. Well, if she does, I'll make sure to post it. This world can never have too much chocolate. 

However, instead of making brownies this weekend, I spent time with my mom. Because of our ever busy and differing schedules, my mom and I don't always have lots of time to spend together. Luckily, we make every moment count, hugging each other and exchanging smiles at every opportunity. This weekend, though, we got to enjoy a full-out girls day out. What constitutes a girls day for us, you ask? Manis, pedis, yoga, and endless chit-chat. Although I love all of these things, nothing compares to a good relaxing chat with my mom. Not to mention talks can't be smudged in yoga like my new paint job. (Let's just say yoga right after a pedicure isn't the best idea; chatarungas don't exactly get along well with them.)

We both choose our colors but quickly changed our plans when I spied a beautiful color on my manicure artist's hands. After inquiring what it was, we both decided we had to have it. Like mother like daughter, I guess. 

Although I didn't snap a picture of our matchyness, there is a glimpse of my new coat in this picture. I thought it was only appropriate to take a picture of it with my new spoon and kabocha mash. Talk about lots of favorites all in one!

In true PMS fashion (that's an allusion to Katie's blog, incase you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about), there was definitely chocolate included in the girls' day.  Sure, these weren't for us, but they still count, right? My mom originally passed her love of baking onto me. For that, I will be ever grateful. In true baking spirit, I made my mom mocha cupcakes with a mocha mousse frosting for her new coworkers (she just got a new job---congrats again, Mom!). 

Also honoring my mom's love of the kitchen, I packed her lunch for her new job. I used Emily's black bean burger recipe, changing it only slightly with red peppers and sunflower seeds

Since my mom's job doesn't allow for much down time, she was thankful that this lunch held her over for hours. She also said it was extremely delicious. 

I vouch for that as well since I tried one. For mine, I used a variation was a bit closer to the original (I didn't use red peppers), but it turned out drier. No matter, I really enjoyed it anyway. It was especially good with lots of steamed veggies after a long yoga practice. (Speaking of that, I apologize for the odd lighting in these photos. Many of them are taken after the sun has set because of my yoga strange yoga schedule.) 

These burgers have been given rave reviews all over the blog world. If you haven't tried them yet, go for it! The spice combination is so unique and will have you rethinking the generic bean burger (my love of cinnamon might have something to do it). 

Speaking of cinnamon, no food is off-limits when it comes to this lovely spice. What's your favorite way to use cinnamon? If you're not a cinnamon fan, what's your favorite spice and application? 

More traditionally, I've combined cinnamon into pancakes and oats. First were carrot cake pancakes (similar to these, with one small grated carrot replacing the blueberries). 

Can I just mention  how happy it made me to include this organge veggie in my breakfast? My hands definitely show that it's not like I need another excuse to consume it. Anyone know a remedy for turning orange? Honestly, I would have a hard time giving up orange veggies. They're just too good! 

Adding steamed carrots inspired me to eat these taco-style. Naturally, I also doused them with cinnamon, too. 

I also made blackberry oat bran with LOTS of cinnamon. Honestly, I sometimes worry that I consume near-lethal amounts. Did you know it's physically impossible to eat cinnamon by itself? Well, I'm kind of happy it is because otherwise I might have to worry I'd try that, too :P. 

The blackberries were so fresh and juicy. *Swoon*

With a less traditional take on cinnamon, I made chai-spiced French lentils. I wasn't really feeling savory lentils so I just thew in some cinnamon and went with it. To round out the flavors, I added cardamom, nutmeg, and allspice. It was like drinking chai tea... almost. Maybe next time I'll drown it in a little almond milk. I've yet to meet a lentil I didn't like, but these just took it over the edge. There's something about warming spices and lentils that are just so comforting. What warms you from the inside out?

Spending time with my mom definitely makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I am so happy that I was able to spend some quality time with her this weekend and hope we will have another opportunity soon. No matter what, my mom is always in my heart, whether or not we are able to be one-on-one. I love her unending positivity and continuing support of me and those around her. What's your favorite thing about your mom? Do you have a favorite thing to do with her? What would your perfect girls' day be?

And last but not least, what would all women be without their team-behind-the-team? For us, this means my mom's loving fiancee, J. He's a big coffee drinker and chocoholic so it was natural for me to honor him while making the cupcakes mentioned earlier. If you're reading this, J, you have a surprise waiting for you when you pick me up for yoga. Well, I guess it's not a such a surprise now, but I still think you will like it. 

Goodnight everyone... or perhaps it is good morning by now? I always get so confused due to my night-howl tendencies. Are you a night-howl or morning dove? 

Have a lovely day! 



  1. i love that you're really close to your mom, too :) my mom and i have such opposite schedules during the week that i love being able to spend time with her and go for horseback rides on the weekend. and mom's always know best, don't they? :)
    and i love that oyu made her lunch! i do that sometimes, too. i get a kick out of it, haha. and i even made her those burgers for mother's day - i agree, definitely the best black bean burger recipe yet. cinnamon makes it!
    and i am definitely a morning dove! i love waking up early - which of course, makes me in bed by 10 pm :P

  2. "The world can never have enough chocolate"- such true words!! =P
    I am borderline obsessed with cinnamon and put it on oatmeal, sweet potatoes, cold cereal, yogurt, etc. And I love just going to coffee/chatting with my mom :)

  3. i love how beautiful your eats are!! those cupcakes look amazing!

  4. No way, you turn orange, too?! My hands were orange the other day and all my friends were like "Kelsey, what is wrong with your hands?" I told them I didn't know, and they all joked "it must be from all those carrots you eat." I seriously think they were right, lol. :P

    Congrats to your mom! I hope her new job goes wonderfully, and how sweet of you to make cupcakes/lunch for her.

    How do you make the frosting on those cupcakes? It looks really good. :)

    Also, I've been wondering how you make your oatmeal. It always seems like such a yummy, big bowl whereas my 1/3 cup portions are pretty small. :( I experimented today with increasing the volume, so I will be blogging about that shortly. :)

    The ice cream stuff you made for J at the bottom of the post looks incredible! Recipe? :)

    Love ya girl, and I will be responding to your email shortly. :)

  5. omg i really can't believe how glorious those cupcakes are. i love the added espresso/coffee beans- it really makes the cupcake THAT MUCH more amazing!!

    i always love how volumetric ur meals are. im the same way.. when i eat something its gotta be made so that i can have A LOT OF IT! that oatbran and the pancakes for instance.. thats a big amount of delicious food id love to sit down too. i usually eat 3 sweet potatoes in a sitting.. which for some is gastly, but for me, it's heaven :)

    omg cinnamon is everything to me lol. its sad, i used it so liberally; in my coffee, on my fruit (especially pineapple), in baking, in oatmeal, in yogurt, on bread, .. hmm i wonder if i put it on sweet potatoes.. could be good maybe...

    xoxo <3

  6. I've never heard of the expression morning dove! How great!

  7. Oh my word, those cupcakes look AMAZING!! Really, the frosting... I want to eat it off the screen!

  8. I wrote a post about my mom and all the things I love and have learned form her over the years. Don't know if you saw it...but I love my moms style and how it has influenced mine. Our favorite thing to do together is morning walks at our summer house with our dog. I also love to cook for her and my sis cause they usually really enjoy what I make for them!

    All this chocolate is making me really crave off I go!

  9. That sounds like such a fun girls day with your mom! You sound like you have an amazing relationship with her. :)

    I've been meaning to try out those black bean burgers! I can't wait to give them a go!

    I'm a cinnamon-oholic too. I love using it in pumpkin oats.

  10. i'm a morning thing on the don't worry I always have orange hands/feet....I feel like it's just part of me..cause I'm not giving up my pumpkin and carrots!! and I love cinnamon..but cumin is second best...and what's a kabocha??? some squash or something??? I've heard of it..but don't know what it is.

  11. Cinnamon is, hands down, the best spice ever, and I firmly believe that it not only goes with everything, but that you can never have too much on anything. I've often joked that I consume lethal amounts of it as well, but hopefully that never turns out to be true! My favorite foods to use it on/in would be oats, sweet potatoes, yogurt messes, and cookies/muffins/cakes... but I'm open to anything ;)

    And I love how you're so close to your mom and how you appreciate the time you get to spend with her! I love spending time with mine as well. Shopping, pampering, going out for coffee, baking, watching movies, or just sitting and chatting... it doesn't really matter what we're doing, because the company is always good.

    Hope you're having a great night, girl. Oh, and speaking of night, I'm definitely not a night owl. I love my early mornings and it's the time I feel most alive.