Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't Cry Over Spilled Mylk

While blog reading and writing this post, I'm enjoying this delicious mix: 

Oh Puffins, how I adore thee! I'm not a cereal-for-breakfast kind of girl, but that doesn't mean I don't love it for a little snackie. I'm so glad that I recently decided to add almond milk to this. Even back in my cereal days, I hated cereal and milk. I think it had something to do with my dislike of milk. I guess some things never change. However, almond milk is worth retrying this combination. I warmed it up and sprinkled it with cinnamon to accentuate the Puffins I drizzled it over. Somehow they still stayed a little crunchy while sog-if-fy-ing. J'adore. 

Naturally strawberries, blueberries, and almonds joined the party. Unfortunately, I spilled a little mylk. It was nothing to get upset over, though, since all of my eats were delicious today. 

However, it was quite an odd day of eats as well. Due to my night-howl habits, I'm also quite the sleeping heavy-weight. Sleeping into noon is nothing short of ordinary. What most people would call lunch is breakfast time for me. When breakfast comes later than lunch, though, I'm not even sure what to call it. I'll let the picture do the talking instead.

My breakfast/lunch/delicious whatever was later than even I'm used to because I was preparing this: 

Today I played house wife daughter by making a vegan dinner for my family, Veganonmicon's Asparagus and Tarragon Quiche. I even made my own pastry crust! I was so proud of this because I've never made a pasty crust by myself and it turned out wonderfully! What is something you thought you couldn't do alone but surprised yourself with? 

It took a long time, 

but I'd say it went over quite well... 

So busy in the kitchen, I almost didn't notice time flying by. Before I knew it, it was time for yoga. I quickly chopped some romaine lettuce and carrots to hold me over, even though I wasn't hungry yet. Then I added some black beans and called it good. This might be considered lunch, but honestly, labels are meaningless. I should just rename all meals "delicious time to eat" because there's not really any rhyme or reason behind the time. Okay, maybe I should work on a catchier name first. Do you ever eat meals at weird times? Do you eat 3 meals or do you like lots of mini meals instead?

For "dinner", I wasn't really sure what I wanted. Yoga usually leaves me with a full feeling. After doing some research, I learned that this is because of the ujjayi pranayama breath we use. It fills you with so much energy that it actually leaves you feeling satisfied. Either way, I knew my body needed some nourishment. After waiting for some craving to appear for much too long, I decided to just prepare a simple meal. Braggs baked tofu, garlic-ginger millet, and lots of veggies seemed perfect. 

I absolutely love the texture of baked tofu. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside is just how I like it. 

I'm going to go to bed a bit earlier tonight in hopes of having a more normal eating schedule and in preparation for the studying I have to do. And what's the studying for? Well, on Wednesday I'm going to my first class led by the teacher who will be giving me my yoga teacher training this summer. I am a bit nervous not only for the obvious reasons, but also because it is going to be in the Mysore Ashtanga style. Although I've done Ashtanga before, the teacher has always led it. Instead, the Mysore-style is usually self-led. In preparation, I will be studying the primary sequence as much as possible. What do you do when you get nervous? Have you ever felt out of place, even though you knew what you were doing?

Have a lovely day! 



  1. Lady, I am a night owl too! You wrote on my blog about cranbrook and yes I know it...my parents live only a few miles away and just off of cranbrook rd in B'ham. The yoga practice and studying you are doing sounds so great, even if it is just a little nerve-wrecking. I am sure you will rock it.

    I do usually eat three meals but at weird hours because of my crazy work schedule which influences my life schedule...it changes all the time! I do snack quite often too cause I know I need to.

    Oh, and the eats look great too...I need to look up that recipe in my V'con.

  2. yikes - that quiche is gorgeous!! you have inspired me to make that recipe now, though I have high doubts that it will turn out as gorgeous as yours.
    And good luck on your test on Wednesday! I am sure you will do just fine - remember, you KNOW this stuff and it's what you LOVE, no reason to feel nervous :)
    Oh - and I have been LOVING puffins with cinnamon and almond milk, too. Even better with some dried apricots and sunflwer seed butter :]

  3. That quiche is quite impressive! I was always scared of making frittatas but I finally tried it on Mother's Day and it didn't turn out half bad! Your tofu dinner looks awesome. And good luck with the yoga!!

  4. awe little spilled milk :) happens every day it seems like.

    oh girl, haha the other day i was drinking tea and i hit the cup and it went all over the keyboard. the 'N' and 'space' and 'Shift' bars are sticking when i press them lol.

    i try to find a channel for my nervousness. so i will calm myself down with music.. dancing.. or cleaning.. anything that has an action to it and also lets me focus on something other than my nerves.

  5. Girl, you're a superstar in my eyes. Not only does that quiche look abso-freakin-lutely amazing, but the fact that you made your own dough is just wow... I've been meaning to tackle my intimidation with baking my own bread/crust/wraps for a long while now... while I've got the dessert baking down, the whole bread/yeast thing seems so complicated!

    I don't really eat my meals at odd times anymore, but I used to when I was more of a night owl. I would wake up at noon, have breakfast at around 1, lunch at 5, and dinner at like 11 lol. These days, I wake up at 5:30, so everything is more around the standard meal times. Oh, and lots of snacking in between, naturally ;)

  6. Good luck with the studying! When I get nervous, I remember to take big, slow breaths :)

    Your quiche looks perfect! Seriously, the crust looks store-bought (in this case, it's a compliment) :D

    And I totally agree on the tofu. I like to freeze --> thaw mine too so it gets extra chewy

  7. omg what happend to you on my site just happened to me here...
    your word verif failed and lost my whole huge comment

    bottom line, dont fear mysore, look around the room for guidance or just ask the teacher :)

  8. I'm the same way! I don't find cereal + milk filling enough for breakfast but I love it as a snack.

    That quiche looks so good! And the crust looks like it was made by a pro! I'm terrible at crusts so I always have my mom make them for me. :P

    Good luck with studying!

  9. way to go on the quiche!! it looks great! :)I've acctually never tried quiche..

  10. I hope your first class went well :D

    That quiche you made looks exquisite! I love taking on a culinary challenge. It's such a great feeling conquering it. I remember I've attempted to invent some things like a vegan pound cake pancake.. also a lasagna made with polenta instead of the traditional pasta.


    p.s. have you tried the peanut butter Puffins? They're my favorite out of all of the flavors!

  11. Aw, the blog title of this is very cute. :) Also, I'm very interested to try those PB Puffins! I wonder if they're clean? I'll go look, cause I've heard a lot about them. :)

    Wow Mandiee, that quiche looks seriously good. What was the filling? Sorry it took you forever, but I bet it was totally worth it!

    Lovin all the veggies on your blog, as usual. How do you bake your tofu? Mine's all right, but yours looks so crispy and delicious. Please englighten me, oh wise Mandiee. :)