Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello to Summer in Fall

I think I have written this post way too many times in my head already and just need to actually write it. Do you ever feel like you have a million things to say and do not even know where to start? Story of my life.

Other topics for this post included:

  • how Fridays are meant for comfort food, especially after 2 tests (including one mind-numbing AP Calc test. ugh.): veggie pot (not)pie and kabocha (obviously) met my requirements yesterday. I even wrote most of the post out so you will definitely be seeing it soon. 
  • my first cavities: need I say more? Well, yes, actually I do. Apparently cavities are not caused by candy (and some are even unavoidable---like mine were), as I was falsely lead to believe as a child. Of course now that I do not eat many sweets they tell me. Go figure.  Anyway, today's little debacle cemented my view of medicine, especially of the anesthetic kind. When my mouth finally started to hurt later in the day, it was not where my cavities (yes, plural---there were 3 at once. omph) were, but instead where they shot the anesthetic. It also gave me the chills and caused my heart to race when they first used it. Not. A. Fan. 
  • the first snow of the season: um, was it not just Halloween a week ago?! Mother Nature must just be a little bit confused...
  • why Alton Brown is now my hero (though honestly, he always has been; science + food = awesome): While laying down, waiting for the anesthetic pain to go away, Alton taught me about carrots. Sure, I love carrots, but it is actually what he said about Beta Carotin that was so earth shattering to me. Rest assured, carrot-, sweet potato-, and winter squash (um, helloooo!)-lovers, Beta Carotin is not toxic; the only side effect of eating lots of it is turning orange! However, the vitamin A in animal products can be enough to kill a person! Maybe it is because Beta Carotin only becomes vitamin A when the body converts it, so excess can just be stored in the skin as orange pigment. I do not know, but you can definitely google it if you are curious. At any rate, I am absolutely rejoicing! More squash for me!

However, something MUCH more important than any of this (yes, even the confirmation that I can eat as much squash as I want) happened today:

On November 5, Summer Juliet was born! She is the daughter of one of my favorite (and yours, too, I am sure) bloggers, HEAB. Congratulations Heather and CD! Summer is absolutely beautiful, and I can already see the loving life that you all are going to have together.

In honor of HEAB and the little "HEAB-let," I ate my oatmeal in a very Heather-like fashion. I even used a Naturally Nutty jar, just like her!

I am convinced it tastes better out of a jar now. Thanks for the great idea, Heather! Oh, and just for fun I took a picture of me and the celebratory meal (but please excuse my puffy face and strange smile; I just returned from getting fillings). Do you see a resemblance like this duo? ;)

Well I am sure you can guess what I am about to do now. I will give you a hint: I may be orange, but I am embracing it. Thanks again to Alton for giving me justification!

Have a lovely day!


P.S. Remember to set your clocks back an hour tomorrow. Daylight savings time is over. Goodbye, daylight...

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  1. Hi gorgeous!

    I hope you are having an excellent Thursday. Thank you so much for your continued support and sweet comments.

    I marinate my tofu in a mixture of rice vinegar, Bragg's liquid aminos, lots of ginger, cayenne pepper, and some brown sugar! Enjoy!

    Lots of love,