Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Berry Simple

Heya, Sweet Peas, and happy Bastille Day!

Thank you all so much for your outpouring support on my new format in recent posts. I have really enjoyed writing about what is on my mind (i.e. freedom and spontaneity) and see many posts like that in my future. However, in the past few days I have been surrounded by so much thought-provoking information that I do not even know where to begin.

With all the yoga work I have been doing (both on and off the matt), getting settled in my new home, and dealing with a few foodie crises (my refrigerator is on the fritz and the new one I ordered will not be delivered until August 3---why, Samsung, why?), eats have been random at best. Luckily, I know that when things get crazy, simple but delicious is the way to go. I cannot say that enough: simple can be and is delicious!

Since I have 3 feedbacks (written assessments of yoga classes that I take) and the Ashtanga Primary Series to write, I will let simplicity speak for itself. 

Oats are the epitome of simplicity. Mine have three components: fruit + golden flax seed meal + flavoring. 

Blueberry muffin oats = blueberries + golden flax seed meal + cinnamon

The fresh blueberries imparted such a beautiful color and fresh flavor. Somehow these oats were also fluffier and creamier than usual. No complaints here.

Checkerboard oats = strawberries + blackberries + golden flax seed meal + cinnamon

The super sweet strawberries and slightly tart blackberries complemented each other beautifully. The different textures and unlikely pairing made for a unique combination that made my taste buds sing. 

Chocolate fountain oats = blueberries + strawberries + golden flax seed + extreme dark cocoa powder + a sprinkle of cinnamon

Fun fact: my mom and I actually own a chocolate fountain. Though we never use it when it is just us (even though every child out there probably wishes they had one for that reason), it is great to bring to parties. It is not really my thing anymore but the memory of how excited I was for my first chocolate fountain experience still makes me smile. 

I remember reaching for tons of fruit that night, letting both flavors come through without being sickeningly sweet. To recreate this memory, I made my favorite chocolate brownie oats, this time with the addition of blueberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I am not sure what took an absolutely amazing bowl of oats to mind-blowing, but the impossible happened. You could even eat it like fondue if your heart desires. 

Have you had a chocolate fountain or fondue before? What would you most want to dip in?  

Although these may not look like oats, I can assure you, these muffins used 100% ground up oats instead of flour. Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, and completely delicious. 

May I introduce you to Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower Butter Muffins. Or more simply, bliss. 

Snack plates are so simple to make and fun to eat. I love getting little tastes of everything. Why turn to unhealthy snacks that will only leave you feeling sick and craving more when you can whip up a satisfying snack (or snack-like meal) of whole food ingredients in the same amount of time? 

Are you a fan of snack plates? What do you include?

Millet + baked tofu + cauliflower + broccoli + zucchini + zephyr squash

After the photo shoot, I mixed this all together and added minced garlic, a little swish of Braggs, and shakes of ground ginger. I guess this is my version of a quick stir-fry; whatever it was, the flavor was pungent and oh so wonderful. Garlic and ginger are true super foods; their anti-inflammatory (and anti-viral) properties are always welcome for this busy yogi.  

I am a huge fan of kale chips. I never really liked potato chips (I do not like the taste of white potatoes but sweet potatoes = love), but one of my favorite veggies in crispy form sounds like a genius idea to me! I like to add a little pinch of sea salt (I rarely add salt to anything, but I think it brings out the flavor in these nicely), some nooch, and a sprinkle of Parma to bring these alive. 

A little unpictured cheezy dipping sauce (hummus + nooch + water to thin) amps up the flavor even more.

The possibilities between two pieces of bread are endless. While I am a big believer in the importance of a good bread (Ezekiel sprouted grain, of course), the filling in this baby definitely stole the show.

This was no ordinary sandwich. Roasted kabocha + avocado + summer squash may just change your life.  

What is your favorite kind of bread, savory or otherwise? What is the best sandwich you have ever had?

Today I will be one busy bee with all the work I have to do in preparation for my meeting with my yoga teacher tonight. Thanks to all of your comments on happiness (here and here), though, I will be able to keep it simple. 

What are the simple pleasures in your life? 

I love listening to the rain and falling asleep to the sound of the waves at my cottage. Nature is so beautiful in its simplicity. 

Have a lovely day! 



  1. okay... so I love looking at all this food! (makes me hungry though lol!!!!) LOOKS GOOD! hey today i am doing a GIVEAWAY check it out!


  2. Hey lady! So we went to the West Bloomfield WF's last weekend instead of the usual Troy was huge! I have been to Rochester once before when going to a friends who moved there too though and they both are amazingly large.

    Surprisingly I have yet to try a chocolate fondue/fountain but I know I would love it if it was quality dark chocolate...heaven for a chocoholic!

    Yes, love snack plates...I too mix most together right after photographing...or I simply layer things. Ezekiel bread and english muffins are definitely winners but I too adore really seedy dense bread from bakeries! I even can enjoy a simple sourdough on occasion. Favorite sandwich...that might be too hard for me...I really like them simple like avocado on toast or nut butter and banana.

    My simple pleasures are just like yours...I love rain on the roof, waves from my summer home bed (it has been too long)...and good food.
    Good luck tonight lady!

  3. I'm in love with those muffins! They look delectable! I used to be really into oats but I got burnt out on them after having them absolutely every morning. Your pictures are gorgeous though and are making me want to try them again.

  4. seriously u had me at wheat-free!! i wanna make those!! i really do <3 <3

    i dont mind snack plates.. i get a little lazy and have snack bowls since im such a clutz lol. but i love black eyed peas like mad!! <3

  5. i make oat flour muffins too..oat flour, bananas, PB, whatever i have on hand, throw it in and it usually works :)

    choc fondue, yep! many new yr's eves ive had them and i love just dipping my fingers in them LOL


  6. Awww - I do love snack plates!
    Specially yours :D
    But Mom and Dad won´t let me eat so randomly, so... Yeah.
    Happy (late) Bastille Day, haha!
    Wish you a fabulous Thursday.
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  7. Those muffins look amazing! Do you have a recipe? Pleaaaase. :)

    Also, I can TOTALLY relate to you with the time frazzled + refrig on fritz = random eats + OATS. :) Such a time saver. Have you ever had kamut flakes or spelt flakes?

  8. I'm loving your chocolate fountain oats. Chocolate is one thing I actually haven't tried adding to my oats yet! My friend had a fondue party last summer and I loved dipping bananas in it! But then again, I love bananas in everything. ;)

    So it's no surprise that my favourite bread is banana bread haha! But unfortunately it doesn't work for savory sandwiches, so for those my favourite bread is any seedy, grainy bread.

    One of my simple pleasures is going on fall hikes. I love the crisp air and the colourful leaves!

  9. I love snack plates! I need to make them more often :)

  10. Checkerboard Oats- that's so creative!

    I remember trying fondue once and honestly...I don't think I was that impressed. I love fresh strawberries and I love chocolate but for some reason I don't think they belong together...I know, you prob. think I'm crazy :)

    Simple pleasure in life = sleep!