Wednesday, December 30, 2009

first comes first

hiya bloggies and readers alike!

my name is Mandie and i decided to start this blog as an outlet for the mountain of cookbooks iseem to have collected as inspiration. not to mention i've enjoyed reading blogs (ever since i first found Shelby's -- all of her eats are total yumm!) and wanted to join the fun.

i am so thankful for all of the inspiration that blogs have given me to get cooking. hopefully this will be a place where i can share some of my yummy eats, too. that's where the name comes from. sweet treats is because I adore baking, and vegan eats is for my eats in my journey to become vegan. (Note: currently I am a lacto-vegetarian, though I only eat frozen and greek yogurt occasionally, but more on that later.)

Wishing you all happy&&healthy living,

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